Conex Boxes For Sale: The Endless Flexibility Of Dry Cargo Containers

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These shipping containers come in standard style and sizes, that is the nature of the conex boxes. It is what these containers are for, many things besides moving products across the ocean which they were originally intended to be used. The measurements of containers are uniform but, the shipping containers have several varieties to allow shipping of items that will not be shipped in a standard conex box .

The standard 20 and 40-foot conex boxes for sale are now being referred to as the dry cargo containers. The different conex boxes include refrigerated units often called “reefers,” the containers with no roof or those open-tops are for shipping very tall items, tank containers which are nothing more than a floor with four corner posts, with top rails. A tank is placed right in the middle of the frame, so liquids can be poured, lifted, and shipped safely from a container boat. The Flat rack containers are container floors that has two end walls only and are often used for shipping large construction equipment. These containers all have very specific uses, but they maintain the exterior dimensions of our old basic dry cargo containers and are being handled the same way.

To add more to those very specific uses of containers here are a few about shipping conex boxes that share more of the aftermarket flexibility of the dry cargo containers.

There is another style of the dry cargo container which is called the double door or the tunnel unit. These types of container unit are those with the built-in doors which are located on each side of the container box. With both doors open, you can see through it just like in a tunnel. Most often the big 20 double door containers are cut into two and are transformed into two single 10foot-containers. These tunnel containers are normally being used in storage application since you can easily load and unload them on either end. The dry cargo containers come with double door on one end alone. If you ask for a double door, the seller may think you only need a standard. Be sure to be very specific in telling the seller what exactly what you need to buy. They know better what they can get for you. There are instances of confusion and you do not want to be wrong in purchasing your own containers. If you need the tunnel, tall the seller that you need a shipping container that have double doors on both end. It will be a great confusion and a waste of time and effort if somehow you bid for the wrong item and not the ones you have in mind. Specifics are very vital when in auction.