My Home Just Got Burgled – Why You Need A Home Alarm System

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Life happens. You hear that a lot these days. But after what happened to me, I think it is said
by people who dont have much to lose, if anything. I happen to be one of those people who had a lot to lose and lost most of it. Our home was
recently burgled; and took things that have a lot of monetary value my grandmothers ring
last appraised at $48,500. Then there are the things that have far more personal value than
the morons who robbed my house. Someone said that being the victim of a robbery is more
of a personal violation than a financial one. They rummage through drawers of underwear
and places you could use to hide things.

But I was just one of several people whose home was robbed in an apparently planned
operation, according to police. Our neighborhood is relatively quiet, and has a low crime rate. I had a monitored home alarm
system installed when I first bought my home, but discontinued its service because the
neighborhood seemed safe. Neighbors were visible, but for the most part kept to themselves.
The police said people noticed a car that was driving through routinely, but did not stop at any
specific location. The would-be thieves were monitoring the daily movements of everyone in
the neighborhood. Both me and my husband worked regular 9 to 5 jobs.

Let me say that my husband and I work really hard for our money, and for some invader to
steal not only what we bought, but what has been given to us by others as heirlooms and gifts
makes me want to consider more severe penalties for robbing a home. Life happens? Its only
stuff? Let it happen to you and you will change your mind fast. The real problem though is that we were complacent. We relaxed, and thought because our
area was safe, the people were nice, and we were happy, there wasnt much to worry about.
Thieves care less about your happiness, and disconnecting the home alarm system was a huge mistake. I end this story by sharing some personal perspectives on
having your home burgled.

We take too many things for granted. The longer you work, the longer you own your home,
the more you accumulate, the more you need a home alarm system. Why risk all your hard
work because you dont see the need? Making the excuse that it is too expensive is nonsense
because it is likely that the value of your property is worth far more than the annual cost of a
home security system. The wireless systems can be fairly sophisticated, so you have a
number of options.

Beyond the fact that what happened to me also happened to some of my neighbors angers
me as well. Maybe my alarm going off would have alerted someone. Maybe the thieves
would have moved on to another neighborhood. Yes, those are a couple of maybes but what
is certain is that my home was robbed and the value of some of what was stolen can never
be replaced.