Tips For Creating Miniature Gardens

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A popular gardening trend is the creation of fairy gardens and miniature gardens in small containers to mimic the beauty and atmosphere of a realistic, traditional landscape. Fairy gardens and miniature garden designs invoke peace and tranquility by capturing details with this beautiful art form.

Fairy gardens are small spaces, which contain decorative accessories, flowers, and plants, and they are arranged in an attractive display. Large flowerpots, raised garden beds, or various small containers or spaces that are distinctive for the rest of the yard can be used to grow a fairy garden. By watching this video tutorial, you will learn the basics of creating a fairy garden within a terracotta pot. The tutorial also informs you on ways to decorate the pot to enhance its attractiveness, and how to best prepare the soil for your fairy garden. You will also learn ways to choose plants and arrange them to create a visually intriguing display.

Creating miniature gardens is one way to integrate various creative garden designs into your outdoor space. The options for creativity are truly endless. There are many small and large planters that can work for any outdoor space and they can be combined with a range of themes to complement your garden.

When planning a miniature garden, keep the details in scale. Typically, miniature gardens are made so they can be viewed from any angle, but with thought and care, they can be adequately viewed from a single angle with carefully placed shorter and taller plants. The ideal garden container for fairy gardens and miniature landscapes is one with a large, open area that can accommodate numerous decorations and plants in the same space. Among the various options for your container include wicker baskets, wooden wagons and wheelbarrows, terracotta planters, wooden boxes, tin buckets, concrete bowls, and even baby bathtubs.

Options for a fairy garden do not end with your plant selection. Part of the enchantment is choosing the decorations, which allows your imagination to run wild. You can add a miniature fence, ground cover, stones, or even fairy figurines. Another benefit to creating a fairy garden is they can be grown indoors and year-round.

For proper drainage of your fairy garden, include pea gravel at the bottom of the container and several drainage holes. This will allow your plants to grow healthy and lush, while avoiding root rot. You can adorn your garden with miniature furniture, childrenÕs toys/figurines, or small rocks.